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Get out your riot gear

Swing your girly all around

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19 January

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3 doors down, aqua teen hunger force, aragorn, backstreet boys, behind enemy lines, billy boyd, books, camping, canada, cappuccinos, cds, charmed, chatting, christian music, christianity, church, computers, conan obrien, concerts, confetti, cops & robbers, cucumber melon, daniel radcliffe, dc talk, delirious, dilan, disney movies, dom, dom's eyes, dominic monaghan, domlijah, dommie, draco malfoy, dreams, elijah, elijah wood, elves, er, fall, fan fics, fan fiction, fellowship of the ring, final fantasy, five iron frenzy, flirty boys, fotr, friends, frodo, funny people, garth brooks, good charlotte, guys, harry potter, hobbits, hoodies, huggers, hugs, humor, icons, incubus, internet, jack johnson, jack sparrow, jason mraz, john mayer, johnny depp, joshua jackson, journals, laughing, leann, legolas, lijah, live music, long-sleeve t-shirts, lord of the rings, lotr, making icons, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, merry, methodist, michael w. smith, music, music videos, new found glory, newsboys, orlando bloom, orli, pictures, pippin, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plus one, punk boys, punk rock, reading, return of the king, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rotk, rylan, samwise, sarah maria, shayne, short stories, simple plan, singing, sleeping, smirnoff apple twist, sonicflood, spider-man 2, steven curtis chapman, talking, the ataris, the mummy, the mummy returns, the sims, the trip boys, the trip girls, the trip thing, the two towers, trips, ttt, tv, u2, vancouver, veggie tales, viggo mortensen, web pages, will turner, wristbands, wristcuffs, writing

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