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Mar. 28th, 2005 @ 08:19 pm I have an announcement
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i have created a new LJ account. without the wonderful paidness that i have enjoyed for the past couple of years i figured this was a great time to get a new LJ name that i actually thought of.

if you would still like to read (monthly or so) what goes on in my life (like see how the interview i have tomorrow turns out), you can add my new LJ name to your list.

new sn = bookity

Mar. 28th, 2005 @ 06:46 pm icons.
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dom - someone else // doodlbug
this is for the ONE OF YOU that wanted to see the icons i've been making. these aren't all of them, but even if you DIDN'T ask about them, you are free to look and take if you insist.

but if you really don't want to be bothered...Collapse )
Mar. 26th, 2005 @ 09:30 pm charlie's fingers do the talking...
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Current Mood: creativecreative
over at socy's house.

i kind of feel bad because i've been on the computer most of the time. usually i'll be on the net for a half hour (if that) and get bored. but i'm obsessed with gathering pictures so as to make wallpapers & icons and good stuff like that. from what i've been getting it's gonna end up being lost papers. lots of evangeline & maggie.

i really should get some john mayer or something and i could make something for socy.

would anyone like to see the icons i've been making? if you comment and let me know maybe in a month or so i could see about putting them up. i'll be here again on monday, but you would have to comment pretty quickly for me to see them tonight. i've been making loads of lotr ones... well mostly dominic actually. they are not that fantastic (when compared to the expertly done icons i've seen around here as of late), but they're good for me.

anywho... you don't have to really respond to that. i won't force you.

in the mean time... a meme i snagged from gremmie_goo.

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Feb. 18th, 2005 @ 09:56 pm i think it's his lung.
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dom - someone else // doodlbug
i am sad. i am sad because i looked at my user icons and all of them are listed there (at least for me), but all but the three i can use say "inactive" next to it. i want to use my icons really i do. (and all my sweet friends don't go spending money on me. i really can't be online enough). it makes me sad! i wish i could change which icons are inactive, but i suppose that would be too good for me huh?

*waves to leann* i gots to "talk" to you for a second. ain't that grand? i misssss you!!!!

i suppose i'm going to get going... i'm not feeling to well (headache & coughing blah blah blah...) so i'm no fun at all. and i think socy has actual things to do on the computer.


bye all.

No one puts Baby in a corner.
Feb. 7th, 2005 @ 08:57 pm just because you deserve it.
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dom - someone else // doodlbug
Current Mood: okayokay
i miss you lj. i miss the internet.

but then why do i only spend 10 minutes online when i go over to socy's house? i just get... bored. it doesn't make sense!

but rose told me to make an entry so here i am making an entry. it won't be wonderful, but at least you all know that i'm still alive... if you even still have me on your flist. if you do, i love you! :)

anyone around know how to play "spoons"? it's a card game. wicked awesome. i learned how to play it this weekend when i was a chaperone for the senior high winter retreat (can you believe i'm friggin' 21 now?). it was a great weekend. i got to know some more people and i found out that i don't totally suck. huh. that sounds weird now doesn't it?

i felt kinda bad about leaving because i knew that socy wasn't going to have the best of weekends and yeah... whatever. if you don't know why you can check out socy's journal. i don't know if it's fo or not, but yeah whatever. socyd. right. i'm glad i did go and i'm here at socy's now and she's okay. right socy? (socy: *thumbs up*)

shoot. i have to go. just know there's nothing really especial going on in my life, but i really do miss all of you. but you're never around when i rarely am. it sucks.

lots of love,

Dec. 18th, 2004 @ 11:28 pm santa be magic
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dom - someone else // doodlbug
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
hi everyone. yes this is mary with an actual post and not a phone post. though... can free users make phone posts? i haven't been one since before they made all the cool livejournal add ons. i've already lost my kabillion icons. so now i have only three and one i don't even like very much. it is such a sad day. but without internet it really is pointless for me to have a paid account.

i'm at roses and i rarely am here for long enough to livejournal it up. but i am now. i helped her dye her hair. it was supposed to be red, but it's more of a deep pink. to rose's discontent of course. i told her we should put the other jar of red dye on my head without bleaching to see what would happen, but it really would probably not be much. my hair not being dry and porus and all that.

i got a christmas card from tater earlier this week. YAY! *hugs tater*. i really wanted to send out cards to my dear sweet LJ friends, but i'm a huge lazy punk so i didn't get any. crud. i'm sorry. but let it be known that i'm still thinking of you and wishing you the happiest of holidays!

i'm going to be seeing tony in like a week and i'm really excited about that. i've been talking to him on the phone like every weekend. he's really eager to come home for the holidays and spend some time with his friends and everything. i'm hoping that we'll be able to do something. maybe see a movie or something. it could be on me because i want to get him a bday/christmas present because his birthday is on the 31st which is the last day i'll be able to see him before he leaves. =(

i really must go. there is some top secret picture taking i have to do.

*muah* goodnight and bye for a month or so lovlies.
Oct. 22nd, 2004 @ 10:32 pm Lost is my new favorite show.... Or not.
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dom - someone else // doodlbug
Lost is playing a close second to ER now actually. And CSI Miami. I'm in love with that show now as well. I started watching Lost because duh, Dom is on it. But that show is really interesting. Last week I friggin held the antenna the whole time so that I could watch it! I didn't get to watch this weeks ep when it aired because both TV's that get ABC at all were being used. *sigh* This would not be a problem if we had cable TV.

Sooo... I have quit my job since my last entry. Please don't think that I'm weak or lazy. It was so stressful and I don't think that it had to be as bad as it was. I had nothing to look forward to at that job... most people have something to look forward to. For the love of God I didn't even get a lunch break! I wish I could have gotten along with the ladies I worked with. But I got the feeling that no one really wanted me there and they just wanted to work faster than I possibly could. Grr. Well, I shouldn't be dwelling on this.

Everyone at church seems to think that I should be working at a day care place. You know just because I don't say no to babysitting at the church means I really want to be doing that sort of thing all the time. Seriously, the next time I'm asked to do the Mom's group I'm not going to accept.

I'm not going to have the internet at home for quite some time. I don't have a job now and until I get a new one obviously it wouldn't be a smart idea. Much thanks to Sarah though for clarifying the phone line question for me. *hugs*

*hugs* to my dearly missed friends (in no particular order)

Leann Sarah Tater Belle & the rest. hehe.
Sep. 18th, 2004 @ 03:26 pm nice & smooth in spanish fly... whatever.
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draco malfoy // ___twinklefaex
Current Mood: contentcontent
nelly is weird sometimes. *sigh*

hi livejournal friends. how many of you have defriended me after me being gone for like a month at the least? yeah. well i don't blame you.

mary has a job now! yay! it's a hard job that i don't really like, but isn't that what a first job is supposed to be? i'm working for a cleaning place and i clean houses. mostly big gigantic houses. yesterday i helped clean a house with six bathrooms. who needs that many bathrooms. oh yeah. and i cut my finger on the knife of a local radio dj... okay. so that's not really cool, but whateva. hehe. point is, i'm going to be getting my first paycheck next week. i'm so excited!

mom took me out today and bought me breakfast some jeans and a very cute & comfortable shirt. wee.

so what with me having a job now and all i've been talking to mom about getting the internet at home again. she's sounding very receptive to the idea. i told her i would pay for half the installation and $20 a month. hopefully that is enough to hook her. i just have to figure out if we're going to use dsl or cable. we don't have a phone line at home. do you need a phone line for dsl? *sigh* i'm going to have to talk to tony about hookin' me up with cable i think (his dad works for comcast).

anyone who cares about me at all should comment and tell me what they think of me getting internet back at home again.

*hugs flist*

i must go and pay attention to my friend now. *muahs*
Aug. 26th, 2004 @ 11:06 pm Phone Post
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Aug. 19th, 2004 @ 11:21 pm (no subject)
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dom - alone // gj chaos_punk
Current Mood: soresore
COOKOKIE!!! hmmm yumm yumm yumm Garble. MUNCH MUNCH! chewy!... or crunchy?

thanks a lot there rose.

i told leann that i was going to put this meme in my journal. of course that means that she is going to have to fill it out or suffer my wrath. or not. but please feel free to fill this out as well and put it in a commment to me. i'm dying for lack of comments i tell you.

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